ROW80 Week 3: Prospects

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My goal this week was to edit five scenes of a story (one per day). That didn’t happen — but only because I didn’t start by re-writing scenes.

It begun with reading Jim Butcher’s writing Livejournal. He has something I’ve wanted for a while: a system for writing that should go straight to a working approach, instead of throwing nonsense at a wall until something sticks.

Mind you, I haven’t tried it in practice yet:

All those new ideas expanded my goals for the edit. I spent my four days (one short of goal) this week mapping out the current plot, to prepare for future structural changes.

It’s not editing progress yet, but it should give me somewhere to start.

(Programming continues to be neglected).

Good luck and happy writing!

ROW80 Week 2: Something Had to Change

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This week, I picked up three different projects that all need editing or summarising. Then I set them all aside because I couldn’t count words of progress on them.

It seems I’m scared I won’t do enough editing, and word count feels like a safer choice. So I need a goal I can’t fool.

That will be: edit five scenes (one per writing day).
For this week, word count is irrelevant.

(I also haven’t done any programming, putting me a bit behind on that goal).

Good luck and happy writing!

ROW80 Week 1: Fearful

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Aiming for writing and sleep together has worked, more or less. I began this week doing no writing and not getting much sleep, but caught up with both goals by the end.

Final word count: 3,800 over 4 days.

I also met my programming goal: I’ve now got a short to-do list for this project, which I can use to measure future progress. My new goal for this is to tick off two features by the end of April.

As to posting a story: I looked through my archives for a draft to edit. This resulted in plenty of inspiration for unfinished projects, but I couldn’t convince myself to start editing anything.

Why not?

Partly, I’m reluctant to edit when I have a word-count goal to keep. That should be an easy fix: I’ll try counting words edited the same as words written, and see if that helps.

Partly, though, I’m just somewhat afraid of editing — possibly as a side effect of some other things that have been stressing me lately. I’m not sure what to do about this, other than just diving into editing it anyway.

Good luck and happy writing!

ROW 80 Round 2 2016

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I can feel myself coming down with a cold this week, so I’m tempted to tone down my goals and declare it a week of rest.

Last time I tried that, though, I ended up with neither rest nor progress. Somehow, I don’t feel ready to sleep if I haven’t done something productive.

Therefore, I’m keeping my writing goal from last round:

  • Write 500 words a day, 5 days a week.

My other goals this round follow from my two objectives for 2016: make programming a goal, and communicate with writers & programmers.

  • Post a short story here this round. Kait Nolan’s start-of-round post has inspired me to work on this. For this week, I’ll aim to choose a story and do an evening or two of editing.
  • Start a feature list for my programming project. Once I list what I want it to do, I can measure progress by ticking off items on the list. I wonder if I should be applying this to my writing as well…

Good luck and happy writing!