ROW80 Week 4: Intermission

(other ROW80 participants)

I had time off work this week, but between travelling, house-purchase paperwork, and the things I took time off to get to, I didn’t get any further editing done.

Now, though, the obstacles are cleared away. I’m back at home, the house is just waiting for conveyancing, and my story is mapped out and ready to edit.

(Programming is half caught up, as I went to a hackathon on the weekend.)

Good luck and happy writing!

One thought on “ROW80 Week 4: Intermission

  1. Eden says:

    Life gets in the way, things happen… It sounds like your brain was working on things though even when it couldn’t be playing with words directly. That’s a good thing.

    I remember when we bought our house. Crazy, crazy… but it worked out in the end. Keep plugging away and it’ll get there.

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