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ROW80 Weeks 6 and 7: Soon

(other ROW80 participants)

After 7 evenings of work over the past fortnight, I’m about half-way (4,100 words) into my first edit of the story I’m working on. Before the end of the round, I’d like to finish this edit and do a second round of polishing.

Under normal circumstances, that wouldn’t be too hard.

However, I’m also preparing to move house. (The contract is signed, and I’ll get keys in the next fortnight). That’s not as big a job as it may sound — I’m only living in one room at the moment, and I’ve got lots of boxes packed already — but it will still take time.

I’m also away two weekends in June, but that may work in my favour. If I can get most of my editing done before then, these will be a good chance to get feedback on the story.

My challenge this week is to finish off the first edit.

Good luck and happy writing!


2 responses to “ROW80 Weeks 6 and 7: Soon”

  1. I hear of a lot of people in the process of moving now. I wish I was one of them, if only that it would force me to get rid of all the junk that 26 years of living in the same place has caused to happen. Best of luck with your own move and with those edits.

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