After Q4 Week 3

This week, I got very enthusiastic about OSR (Old School [Dungeons and Dragons] Revival) roleplaying-related stuff. Some of that enthusiasm spilled over to my programming project, but the rest of it messed up my writing goals — I spent most of the weekend reading rulebooks and drawing maps instead.

The Mary-Sue project continues at the same slow pace of scoring: one and a half comics per week. It looks like I actually had 10 weeks to go last week, so I now have 9 weeks to score the remaining 14 comics.

Good luck and happy writing!

After Q4 Week 2

This was a tiring, but productive week.

I had a burst of inspiration on Tuesday, and wrote two substantial pieces: one dream that could become a story, and one post on my other blog. Sunday saw a little more work on my programing project

Mary-Sue wise, I scored another one-and-a-half comics. This leaves me with 16 comics to score, and 9 weeks to do it in.

And here are a few words for the week:

Feast-tables laden with too much hot-house fruit
Warm loaves on dung-heaps (rye is so last week!)
Four walls become fourteen. What to fill them?
Glue the clocks shut! Why wind, when you can buy them ticking?

Good luck and happy writing!

After a week of Q4: Well…

Last week, I set myself four goals for the rest of the year.

Here’s how I’ve gone so far:

  • Score 19 Mary Sue comics (estimated 1 a week). I scored about one-and-a-half comics; but it turns out I only have 11 weeks left of the year, so I need to pick up the pace.
  • Work on my programing project: no progress.
  • Write a couple of things a week: I wrote one.
  • Check in each Monday: check!

Rather than the programming I’d planned, I spent the weekend reading The Rook. It’s a book with a slightly different take on the amnesiac protagonist, but what I really liked about it was the way O’Malley uses little side-stories to fill out the details of the world.

Good luck and happy writing!

Goals for Q4 2016

A Round of Words in 80 Days is moving to Facebook.

While I’ll probably rejoin the rest of the ROW80 community eventually, I’m probably going to sit out this round: I’m not quite ready to link this blog with my real identity, and this is a good opportunity to focus on the programming goals I’ve been neglecting.

In light of this, these are my goals for the remainder of 2016:

  • Finish collecting data for my Mary Sue project. I’ve got 19 comics still to score, so I’ll need to do a bit more than one a week.
  • (Programming) Add editing of doors to Aeldardin Rooms. I estimate six weekends to do this; I’ll pick another programming goal if I finish early.
  • Write at least a couple of things a week (sonnets, short stories, or blocks of scenes).
  • Keep posting progress updates here each Monday.

Good luck and happy writing!

The Bitter Cycle

What’s sad? What’s wrong? What’s broken in the world?
Whisper these questions, and the people cry:
“No shoe without a leak, no wing not furled!
The rain has come, and nothing is left dry.”

A salty rain, that slakes no thirsts, nor fields?
From whence the wind that blows so cursed a cloud?

“From lands still further East,” the East Wind yields,
“In distant seas, my weather-fields are ploughed.”

These ancient atolls grow the Earth’s own wool,
Spun from the foam of seas that should be sweet.
But west-bound tides, the briny currents pull
From shores beyond the East, where two paths meet:

West-flowing rivers drain the flood of tears,
Which sea and sky return to haunt our years.