Jenkins Rising

The One Loved

A force of love feared she was incomplete,
And sought, and caught a soul in tight embrace;
Lifted her darling from his mortal feet
And laid him gently in a web of lace.

The web was torn, and brighter than the Sun
Her eyes were lit with rage and righteous pain.
She sought the forts where slavery had begun
And taught their tyrants terror — but in vain.

Her sweetheart was not taken as a slave.
He had been mortal, and he had grown old;
Had seen her love would stretch him past the grave,
And chose to face a fate that he controlled.

Upon this secret, spend no further breath.
We dare not let her think to challenge death.


4 responses to “The One Loved”

  1. So, I’m not the most poetically savvy, but is this about your relationship with your mom? Because if it is, it’s beautiful.

    • Well, I wasn’t thinking of my mother when I wrote it — but now that you’ve suggested it, I can’t help wondering if it is about her in some subconscious way.

      • Ah ok, so out of curiosity id love to know, what was the inspiration of the poem was?

      • Mainly “archetype” of a Mary Sue, and the way Mary-Sue fanfic can manipulate canon characters so the Mary Sue can end up in a relationship with them.

        So the Sue’s perfect, and powerful, and in every way an ideal specimen — but the story they’re in is worse because of it.

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