Jenkins Rising

The Adventurer’s Toast

Here’s to the days before the world was broken,
When foes came one by one, and none too strong!
Then Danger reigned, but Doom had not yet woken;
Then hope survived for peaceful lives and long.

Those loyal friends — they gave beyond all duty!

Here’s to the nights ’round campfire and table,
When pranks were played for laughter full and free!
Those songs segued to pleasant dreams and peaceful,
And in dawn’s clashing chorus, we’d agree.

Those lovers’ trysts — the last we knew of beauty!

Here’s to that hero’s era halcyon,
Before we fell too far, nor faced defeat.
Before the death, the torture, and temptation;
Before becoming what we tried to beat.


One response to “The Adventurer’s Toast”

  1. You, my friend and kin cause me to draw breath against my will in appreciation of your adroitness with pithy lines like “Then danger reigned, but doom had not yet woken” It is, as always, a joy to read your work. The last line reminded me of some of my own lines form a collection I called ‘Notes for the dirge “Just War”

    Humans love to blame, more than we love to breathe
    For when our fellows slain we swear bitter vengeance as we grieve.

    As they lived they sought love in life and good
    Now dead we fought against exactly what they stood?

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