Jenkins Rising

Fanfare for a Paladin

Knight in the image of knighthood,
Sword of the peaceful and poor.
Light to the lowly,
Shield of the suffering,
Life, laid down for the law.

Hero of tales at bed-time?
Faith, given flesh in the square!
Voice of our virtues,
Check to our passions,
Champion, in our despair.

Friend to our face — to the faceless.
Ally, above and below.
Victory’s glory,
Grace of recovery,
Great, yet fated to go.


3 responses to “Fanfare for a Paladin”

  1. Been practising singing poetry recently (à la as if a Bard were having a hash at it) and I’m pleased how your comes out. 👍

    • That’s very cool to hear! I actually started by singing this one, but then wasn’t game to call it a song and wrote it down as a poem instead :-)

      • Well, it’s very good, either way. It strikes me as the sort of ditty Hoid might hum: unsure moment to moment whether it’s light & mocking, or reflective & faintly sad—and all the better for it. 🙂

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