To Those Who Will

How, in a hundred words, to sing their praise?
The force who face the plague from pole to pole
Who make our broken dreams a future, whole
Who free the lives the virus locked away.

How can I count their millions? Mending hands
That twice and more will take us by the arm
And teach our lungs to breathe, our blood to calm
To know, and scorn the pathogen’s commands.

How, summarise the fifteen billion acts
That finally cut the curve. The work, the woe
The hope and sacrifice behind the facts;
Between “vaccine” and “we are free to go”.

Leave history lab and leader, clown and crown.
When we are saved, it happens town by town.

4 thoughts on “To Those Who Will

  1. Hanibelle says:

    No it doesn’t. Change occurs at an institutional level. Are you a boomer?

    • isikyus says:

      That last line may be too strongly worded — I’ll grant you it takes institutional change to vaccinate everyone.

      But once the change happens, I’ll be waiting that bit longer to be sure the vaccine clinics show up.

  2. Hanibelle says:

    Ok boomer 🙂

  3. janetlkoz says:

    I think change can happen quite quickly when there is an impact to a system

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