Jenkins Rising

A Distant Sonnet

Once mine, were mountains. Ah, I climbed so high
And on the summit stood; but stood alone:
All bright and mighty for a world of eyes.
My eyes saw only what I could not own

A sudden glance! a soft and tender word!
You shook  and sunk me, and I crawled ashore
Shivering. Vowing, loud to all that heard
I'd spurn the mountains for a few words more.

A touch, in mine, of cool and calloused hand —
A fellow climber. So my eyes ascend
By pack and pole, by scrapes of scree and sand
To meet — to match — the gaze that you intend

Our love is locked. From here, to far away,
No force can part us, save the TSA
A teal-blue and steel lock, attached to a chain-link fence. Beyond the fence is a blurred view of a town, from high up.

The lock has "_ & _ 2022" written on it in permanent marker; and also the TSA red-and-white diamond symbol marking it as approved for air luggage.

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