Not to be Taken: Act 1, Scene 1

While Ivy settles in at the underwater base, other things are happening that will eventually have consequences for the Leaders. This is one of them.

Enter Prologue


As everyone knows, true magic is forbidden in the Asonian Empire. Mages have always wrought havoc for Ason, bringing firestorms, plagues, floods, or legions of undead on any Imperial citizen who happened to annoy them, so it isn’t surprising magic is illegal.

But outlawing magic doesn’t make it impossible, and using magic to fight the criminals who use it would make the kings and queens who used it just as guilty. Therefore, the Imperial Academy of the Lesser Magics was established to create and teach completely non-magical methods of equaling the skills of mages.

Our story begins at that Academy, on a March afternoon in early first semester.


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