After a week of Q4: Well…

Last week, I set myself four goals for the rest of the year.

Here’s how I’ve gone so far:

  • Score 19 Mary Sue comics (estimated 1 a week). I scored about one-and-a-half comics; but it turns out I only have 11 weeks left of the year, so I need to pick up the pace.
  • Work on my programing project: no progress.
  • Write a couple of things a week: I wrote one.
  • Check in each Monday: check!

Rather than the programming I’d planned, I spent the weekend reading The Rook. It’s a book with a slightly different take on the amnesiac protagonist, but what I really liked about it was the way O’Malley uses little side-stories to fill out the details of the world.

Good luck and happy writing!

Goals for Q4 2016

A Round of Words in 80 Days is moving to Facebook.

While I’ll probably rejoin the rest of the ROW80 community eventually, I’m probably going to sit out this round: I’m not quite ready to link this blog with my real identity, and this is a good opportunity to focus on the programming goals I’ve been neglecting.

In light of this, these are my goals for the remainder of 2016:

  • Finish collecting data for my Mary Sue project. I’ve got 19 comics still to score, so I’ll need to do a bit more than one a week.
  • (Programming) Add editing of doors to Aeldardin Rooms. I estimate six weekends to do this; I’ll pick another programming goal if I finish early.
  • Write at least a couple of things a week (sonnets, short stories, or blocks of scenes).
  • Keep posting progress updates here each Monday.

Good luck and happy writing!