For a Mobile Phone

In your eye the light was dying,
And I could not keep from crying
For the memory of the future
I had meant to spend with you.

When I called them to revive you,
They just sat machines beside you.
You were silent to the inside;
There was nothing words could do.

But it struck me, as you faded,
That your face grown grey and shaded
Was the one thing fixed in memory
From the time I’d spent with you.


Then they lost your final echo
And I left you to the shadow;
And I told myself the shadows
Would do all they could for you.

And my new phone was fantastic,
Made of opal-patterned plastic.
So I photographed a lily
And I thought no more of you.

All is not Lost

The daily prompt for today says to write a poem
about “BROKEN”.

I've found the crystal, forged by ancient kings —
Unparalleled the power it can grant.
I pick it up.
                    My phone insistent rings.
To answer it, I hold the gem aslant.

The call informs me things do not go well:
My base besieged, my agents out of reach.
The tower built to hold the crystal fell,
And broke the wall. There's fighting in the breach.

"All is not lost." I plan a swift retreat.
"Escape it, if you can." (May some survive!)
For me, holding the gem, there's no defeat;
I hold it up — it almost feels alive.

And as I go to leave, it starts to twist,
Flies from my hand, falls, smashes.
                                                                  I'll desist.