ROW80 Week 4: Circling

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I was distracted this week.

It begun with reading Drowtales — a good webcomic, but unfortunately quite similar to my current story, to the point where I didn’t feel comfortable reading the one while writing the other.

Then there was roleplaying, which got me all inspired about a completely different project.

In the end, I wrote four days this week (out of a goal of five); but I’m in a good place to catch up this week.

Roleplaying has got me back into the right headspace for this story, and I’ve realised I have a quasi-deadline: on the 18th of August, my Mary-Sue project starts in earnest, so I’d better get this draft done before then.

Good luck and happy writing!

ROW80 Week 11: Opportunity

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This week started pretty well: one book read, and three evenings of writing.

Then I saw a house up for auction.

It’s not exactly what I was looking for. There’s a lot of things I need to double-check, and any one of them could rule this house out. But the auction is on Saturday, so if it is the right house, I have four days to confirm it.

I’ll still aim to get writing done when I can; but that may not be much.

Good luck and happy writing!

ROW80 Week 5: Adjustments

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This week has been busy:

I finished rewriting my short story on Tuesday. I’m still not happy with it, but the re-write has given me a much clearer idea of what I do and don’t want to change.

On Friday, I had roleplaying again.

We’ve started sharing the work of running the game, which will hopefully make it a bit less of a time sink in future. However, I do have to make some game-mechanics decisions about my own character, which took up a lot of time this week.

I’m reluctant to count that as writing, which leaves me with four days of proper writing this week (two short-story, two on other stuff).

Hopefully, this coming week will be one for editing.

Good luck and happy writing!

ROW80 Week 6: Measured

This week has reminded me of the importance of working on goals first.

I did write on five days, and recite poems on as many, but I wasn’t as focussed as I was last week. Nor was it as much writing; I only got about 60 words written towards Conkers.

But I’m starting this week well rested, and with high hopes.

Good luck and happy writing!

Update: the linky is working, but I had my browser set up wrong and thought it was broken.

First Rule of the Quest

There comes a time when bridges must be burned;
When Fate demands too much to let you share.
When youthful loves and friendships must be spurned
And fire flood the streets, to clear the air.

There comes a time when sanctuaries close.
When seals and solemn vows must lose their force,
Their might made moot by ever-greater foes.
And all you have is courage, and a cause.

There comes a time when doom can wait no more;
What's left of hope, you gamble in one blow —
Let dice a lifetime falling reach the floor.
Here fates conclude, then let the living go.

Till that uncertain day, when all quests end,
You shall not taste the world that you defend.

A Villain’s Holidays

My time is here; all eyes are turned away;
Stood down, the guards who'd watch for evil schemes.
My forces rise and march, this very day,
To strike the sleeping dragon while it dreams.

And on the morrow, other armies ride,
Who will, ere nightfall, spread the word — I rule.
Without their chief, my foes will stand aside,
Or headless fall, if blood does not stay cool.

And when their feasting ends, and weapons rise,
The best-kept knights will find their castles sealed.
The doors to let them out shut fast. My greatest prize,
Their freedom, waiting for them if they yield.

A few scant times the sun will rise once more,
Before the land awakens to my war.

#ROW80 R12, Week 2: Up to speed

Here’s my linky for this week.

Overall, the week went well: I wrote six days out of seven (although one day was only a haiku), and got 1,400 words done on Conkers — enough to make up for being behind last week. Plus, I finished reading Dash and Lilly’s Book of Dares.

That wasn’t what I’d planned to read; but I got the third Avatar: The Last Airbender series this week, and spent much of my evenings watching that instead.

It wasn’t a total loss, though. Several things in the series (especially the swordmaster Sokka studies under) gave me a new perspective on my other ideas; and I got a poem out of my reactions to the show.

It may also have helped to read a non-fantasy book; Book of Dares left me still wanting to write, but less focussed on the specifics of what I’d been watching.

Aside from that, I’m not sure what else I can say about the book. The main thing I enjoyed about it was the premise itself. I also liked the way the narrators were distinguished by vocabulary, but that’s probably because the authors wrote alternate chapters.

Good luck, and happy writing!