Not Habit Yet

(other ROW80 participants)

This week, I didn’t keep to my rule of working on my goals first, and ended up having to rush through everything on the weekend.

As a result, I only wrote four days out of seven.

For the Europe trip, I handed most of my backup documents over to relatives, finished installing music on my MP3 player, and made a start on packing. There’s still a lot to do, but it’s not quite as daunting any more.

And I read The Aware, by Glenda Larke. I was particularly impressed by the fight scenes, which fit the needs of the plot despite being quite simple.

Like The Eternal Flame last week, it was also a bit of a mystery novel. I haven’t seen the Sherlock Holmes thing of “I’ve solved the mystery but I’m waiting for the right time to announce it” done in the first person before.

Good luck and happy writing

#ROW80 Week 9: Priorities

Last week, I made it a goal to write a draft climax for Conkers. That, I’m happy with. The 2,400 words I wrote isn’t a complete climax, but it’s more than I would have done otherwise.

However, other things fell behind. I only wrote four days out of seven, and put off my reading until the last minute — turns out the book was too long for that to work.

On the bright side, writing the climax has given me a clearer idea of where I am with the story. There’s a lot in it that I haven’t written the scenes to establish yet, but that will be a lot easier to do now I know what needs establishing.

My reflection this week was going to be about the combat scenes I wrote. But having seen Beth Camp’s post on the same topic, I think I’d better read through the fight-scene resources she linked to first.

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