A Week’s Worth of Haikus

This is in response to the current Weekly Writing Challenge (write a haiku a day).
I wrote each haiku to match a Tarot card I drew that day.

Tuesday (Page of Pentacles, Nine of Wands)
(two, since I missed Monday)

The town hall clock strikes.
Noon. At rest from market day,
We eat our lunches.
I braved the wilds
Full of thorns and goblin thieves.
I've finally reached you.

Wednesday (Four of Cups)

The face in the pool
Danced with mermaids, fathomed seas.
Why can't that be me?

Thursday (Knight of Wands)

I live to save you
From monsters, armies, demons.
That's a hero's life.

Friday (Temperance)

Lay down your weapons.
Come and go amidst the springs,
Meet in holy peace.

And one more, for luck
I accidentally got the card for Pamela Coleman Smith, who illustrated one of the best-known Tarot decks, so I wrote a haiku for her as well.

Fate had a hand here?
I put pen to paper, brought forth
Your source of meaning.