The Average Hero

Time was, I found adventures everywhere:
One moment home, and duty called me forth.
So many times, it was too much to bear,
And every small request would earn my wrath.

I realised it was foolish to go on;
My doing good would leave me meaning ill;
I swore that no more uniforms I'd don.

Then came a foe that only I could kill.

I said I'd serve again, but knew I lied.
I told myself this fight would give me peace.
Though hard I tried, I faltered.
                                                Many died
Before I mustered will to match the beast.

    Now as a coward I am widely scorned,
    And since I left, each day has empty dawned.

Hero of the Hour

I've fought the villains of the world, and won;
My monument in every town will stand.
A new and virtuous era, I've begun.

But I've regrets no-one will understand.

As prophesied, a hero I became:
First was I pure; secondly, I fought —
In battle gear worked hard to earn my fame,
And brought the count of minions down to nought.

But now, I find there's nowhere left to turn.
The world in need of saving, I have saved.
To life that once I lived, I can't return:
I still want things that, leaving home, I craved.

'Twere better, had my death been by the sword.
These years of peace will bring me no reward.

(The hour was around six in the morning, I think.)