ROW80 Week 6: Silver Lining

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I have a tendency to complain about roleplaying eating up my writing time. This week, though, it was the inspiration that got my five days of writing done.

Reading didn’t do quite so well; I’ve borrowed an interesting library book, but it’s proving more challenging than my usual fare.

Good luck and happy writing!

ROW80 Week 7: Lightbulbs

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This was a good week for inspiration.

While trying to focus on roleplaying preparation, I got distracted by a list of artifacts, which got me thinking about ways to make the setting I had prepared more atmospheric. I haven’t had the chance to use what I wrote yet, but it was certainly more enjoyable to write.

Looking at Conkers again, I realised I’ve been re-writing the same couple of scenes over and over, and avoiding the rest of the plot. To avoid that, I did what I probably should have done from the start — re-wrote with the draft in front of me, and avoided changing the bits that weren’t broken.

Overall, I wrote on at least five days this week, and memorised poetry on at least four. I’m pretty happy with that.

Good luck and happy writing!

ROW80 Week 6: Density

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Reading Writing the Fiction Series is turning out to be more work than I thought. The exercises in the later chapters are forcing me to think seriously about how I want Conkers to work, and I’m not getting through them anywhere near as easily; I only finished another half a chapter or so this week.

It has been helping my writing progress, though; as well as two sonnets, I got inspired to write a new scene in the Conkers setting, and I had a good idea for how to link one of my villains in with the rest of the cast.

I also made good progress with Gormenghast; I’ve now only got 40 pages to go.

Good luck and happy writing!