ROW80 Week 1: Better with Practice

This is my first ROW80 check-in for the new round (linky). So far, it’s going well. My progress this week almost exactly matched my goals: I read one book, and wrote just over 1000 words.

The book was Super Crunchers, a non-fiction book arguing that statistics are better than humans at almost everything. I’m still not sure whether I agree with that idea or not, but it has given me some interesting ideas about prophecy-based societies.

The writing came about in a slightly interesting way: I spent most of my free time this week playing a computer game, to the point where I wanted to make a game myself once I reached the weekend. With that as my motivation, I wrote some letters intended to be part of the story of that hypothetical game.

This isn’t quite what I’d planned; I was intending to read fiction, and to write on one of my existing projects. However, I did spend most of the week playing computer games, and was away on Sunday — circumstances that usually make me fall behind. If this was a bad week, I should probably be able to do 1,500 words per week after all.
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