Freedom to Fall

Some villains are born evil, some are forced into it, and some embrace it wholeheartedly.

It is by choice I take an evil path;
By choice I'll pay my price when it falls due.
Until that day, I'll not forget to laugh,
And live the more because my days are few.

I worry not about my coming fate.
Perhaps I'll die; I'd go without regret.
Perhaps for death I'll years in boredom wait.
I only know I'll honour what is set.

Until that day, I'll show the world I'm mad.
I'll paint the cities pink! I'll weave the roads!
I'll start a truly stupid clothing fad;
Fill every thirteenth mailbox with toads.

I'll stories leave, for those who do not die,
And all who come to read them will ask "Why?!"

Not precisely an Evil Overlord, but Dr. Frankenstein has many successors:

A monster I shall make, of many parts;
I'll take my fear to fail, and my hope,
My anger at the needless social arts,
A vow that I'll no longer simply cope.

Beneath the dark and circling brows of storm,
I'll mix in words that waken it to kill.
In all of passion's fire, keep it warm,
And waiting for the lightning, hold it still.

And when the spark of life has bridged the gap,
Twixt earthly body and the airy soul,
I'll what I've wrought in mortal vessel wrap.

I've found for it a simple child's doll.
Who plays with this will see their life destroyed
— will live in fancies, of the truth devoid.

Cue Evil Laugh

This is hopefully a less (obviously) depressing Evil-Overlord sonnet. I need to try and post these a bit more regularly.

O World, I say, behold my great machine!
See that your tallest tower is made mine!
With this, I'm on the world-controlling scene;
With this, you'll see my every plan align.

It fires forth, at my command, a ray,
Refracted from the brightly-burning sun,
Which swiftly finds and easily burns away
Whatever I might wish to see undone.

I've named my threat; now let my price be known!
A million pounds of saffron, silk and gold,
An island ruled by me and me alone,
A vow to let me, undisturbed, grow old.

I know this is a price you'll never pay,
But it's distracted you this crucial day.