ROW80 Week 8: Beating distraction the stupid way

I tried to avoid reading Worm so I could focus on my ROW80 goals, but wasn’t very successful. In the end I gave in and spent the entire weekend reading all of it that’s been published, so there was nothing left to consume my time.

That feels like enough of an accomplishment that I’m happy with what I did this week, even though I didn’t achieve much more than last week goal-wise.

While I didn’t write more for Conkers, I balanced it by getting some reflection done. I also didn’t make progress on my reading goal, but again, Worm does give me a kind of excuse.

I did get plenty of writing done, partly due to attending a poetry slam this week: three-and-a-bit sonnets (I ran out of time to finish one), two other poems, 1700 words expanding on what I wrote had last week, and 350 words of background on another topic. That makes around 2,600 words all told for the week.

Now I think about it, the poetry slam is a big part of what I’m happy with. Not only was good for writing, but hearing other poets work and taking topics from the audience gave me a better perspective of the variety of poetry that I could attempt.

Good luck and happy writing!

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