Minions At Work

We've come to claim the crown of ancient kings,
In chapel hid until the heir is born.
We Undead have no need for crowns and rings;
Bring out the gold, and peaceful we'll be gone.

But should you stall until an army comes,
Or should you try to say we have no claim,
The pipes of death will sound; we'll beat the drums
And towns destroy, and see you take the blame.

If we are harmed, don't think you won't escape!
Our plans are now in many ways afoot.
When spirits dark own throne and ermine cape,
Detractors in their places shall be put.

What's that you say? The chapel's down the road?
We shall reward the aid you've just bestowed.

Today’s Daily Prompt asked for poems about “LOST”.

Weekly Photo Challenge (The Sign Says) (Also a sonnet)

The Daily Post has a challenge about photos of signs for this week, so I decided to post a sonnet illustrated with a sign.

How much I hope I have an evil soul,
To tread the roads that demons' tales teach,
To sometimes tell a lie, or play a role;
To wander where my conscience will not preach.

Instead, I've laboured long to be a foe:
To scorn the law and friends mistreat was hard.
In darkness sunk, I vainly fear to grow
The loathing on the lips of every bard.

The snake refused to look me in the eye.
For me, all goblin armies ran in rout;
The buckets drawn from brimstone wells were dry.
ALL HOPE ABANDON even threw me out!

Someday I'll find a minion who'll obey;
Then they, and all the world, my price will pay.

"THIS IS NOT GOODBYE" while exiting sliding doors

It’s not really a very funny or interesting sign, but it does work nicely with an evil sonnet.