#ROW80 R12, Week 3: Ill

This check-in (linky) will be fairly short, as I’m afflicted with a cold or flu or something at the moment.

I think I’m happy with what I’ve managed despite that.

While one day only got a last-minute haiku, I did write five days out of seven. And I got sizeable chunks written on Conkers on three of those, making a total of 1,600 words or so.  It seems like I do the most writing when I have a fever, for some reason.

Reflection, as usual, I’ve put off until today:

I’m worried what I’ve written this week is touching on topics I don’t know how to treat respectfully.

In particular, one of my characters was confronted by a mugger, overestimated her new powers, and got badly beaten up. The problem is, I have no idea how she would react to that.

Rightly or wrongly, I feel like I need to follow the Mary-Sue Test‘s advice to “carefully and thoughtfully researching the traumas/hardships/handicaps/disorders your character has” (very last question on the page).

The problem is that I haven’t actually gone and done the research. I did browse through the biographies in the library, but I felt as though “what does it feel like to be mugged?” was the wrong kind of question — as though I was being disrespectful to people’s stories by approaching them as a way to answer that.

I suspect I’ll have to try and answer it anyway, though; at least that way I’ll be better placed to reflect on it.