ROW80 Week 9: Proceeding by Halves

Another ROW80 update (linky).

Once again, I kept up with half my goals last week. I didn’t do reflection, and I didn’t make any progress on Conkers, but I did achieve my word-count and reading quotas.

I wrote a total of about 1800 words, of varying quality: 990 words recording a dream, 450 re-writing the background from last week, and one sonnet; I also did around 300 words on half-finished poems. None of those seemed finished enough to do reflection on, although I could have probably reflected on my edits to the background stuff.

The book I read was Robbery Under Arms, by Rolf Boldrewood. Unlike in Dracula or Worm, it didn’t create suspense by having the characters constantly in danger. Having their plans mostly successful made for a less gripping story, but also a less depressing one.

Also unlike those stories, Robbery Under Arms makes a point of having a moral. That gets a bit annoying at times, and rather dampened my enjoyment of the book.

In retrospect, however, I think pushing the moral may have been necessary to build up the otherwise-lacking suspense. It meant the problem in the story wasn’t to survive, but to live within the law; and having all the characters’ plans succeed actually made that harder.

Good luck and happy writing!