ROW80 Week 11: A Low Ebb

Here’s my ROW80 linky for this week.

I didn’t make any progress on my WIP since last week. I did do about 600 words of other writing, though: half sonnets, half the start of a new story. At this rate, I don’t think I’ve got much chance of meeting my goals for the round. As of last week, I’m at about 14,300 words, so I need another 3700 to meet my whole-round goal.

Since I ended this week 700 words behind, I need 2200 words to keep up with my week-by-week goal. I’d expect to manage that, except that I’ll be away for work on the weekend, and I doubt I’ll get much writing done.

Nonetheless, I think I’ll aim to get those 2200 words done by the end of the round next Wednesday. That will give me 1500 words per week over that week-and-a-half period, and put me pretty close to the eighteen-thousand-word goal I originally chose for the round. With luck, I can put most of those words towards my WIP;  I’m only two or three sessions away from tying off a story arc, which would be a good spot to set it aside for a while.

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