ROW80 Week 11:

(other ROW80 participants)

This week saw house progress, fencing, roleplaying, a work event — and a little bit of writing.

The pre-purchase checks for the house have begun: solicitor, inspections, and final loan application. Results should arrive some time this week.

At fencing, the regular coach is away, so I and another newbie are trying to lead the group. That’s a challenge, but it should become easier with time.

I definitely worry too much about roleplaying. I tried to have everything prepared, failed, and had a great time making it up on the spot.

And work had a movie night, watching The Dressmaker (IMDb). I was surprised how much I liked the film — it’s not fantasy, but it uses fashion like fantasy would use magic.

My writing is still varied: 1,500 words spread across roleplaying notes, sonnets, and a draft reviving some old ideas.

This week will probably see a similar mix.

Good luck and happy writing!