Victory or Nothing!

Within my moment, all the world will change:
Past, be to Future, just as Night to Day.
O natural things, accept you will be strange,
Once nature's dusty rules are thrown away.

O space, renew, through to the Earth's own core;
Atom and atom, mote and mote, replace.
O substance of the Now, be now no more,
And all your risen symbols, now deface.

All stars and planets shall wink off, and on.
One fearsome instant, bare the blind abyss,
Then shine once more. But as they never shone,
For all their past, I have reduced to this.

A newborn time, where history's pages tore.
Now I can try again for HIGHEST SCORE.

Victims of Time Travel

Ever wonder what happens to the people who weren’t born because
a change to the timeline was fixed?

I travelled back in time, to see the past.
I erred. And thus, I let the future change.
But, staying undefeated to the last,
To bring my future back, I did arrange.

But not without adventures long to tell;
And not without the aid of willing friends,
Who, knowing it would doom them full and well,
Did aid me in my timeline-changing ends.

And thus, when I returned I dug a grave,
And over it I set their names in stone.
To honour those who, more than I, were brave.
That lives now never lived won't end unknown.

Yet I have back the life I had before;
What is this thing I've lost forevermore?