ROW80 Week 5: Keystone

(Other ROW80 participants)

Travel Preparation

My travel and accomodation is booked! Well, mostly booked — I still need to organise staying near the airport when I leave and come back, but that should be much simpler than the international bookings.

This also puts me in a position to tick off a lot of other things that were waiting for the itinerary, so hopefully this will be a week with lots of progress.

Other Goals

Reading wasn’t a priority this week, since I’m ahead on it.

I did get my six days of writing done, though; some days it was in very short pieces, but that’s partly because I had a lot of non-writing projects catch my interest.

Good luck and happy writing!

Edit: I got a bit lost navigating the new WordPress interface, which is why this post is a week late.