ROW80 Week 11: In Motion

(other participants)

This week has been a good one for writing. I managed to write every day, and all the mysteries I’ve been reading inspired me to start on a mystery-ish short story yesterday.

Travel preparations are still moving on; I bought a phrasebook and a new raincoat this week, and made decisions about a few more things.

My main goals now are setting up my laptop for the trip and printing out the rest of my documents; next week I’ll start seriously packing for the trip.

Good luck and happy writing!

ROW80 Week 9: Coasting

(other ROW80 participants)

I’m pretty happy with my writing progress this week — I met my goal of writing six days out of seven, and used some of that time to have my roleplaying preparation finished in good time.

My biggest progress with travel preparations was picking up my tickets from the travel agent on Sunday. Some of those things came with backup copies, and I’ve made a bit of progress copying other things, but I haven’t quite got everything sorted yet.

For the coming week, I’m aiming to keep up on my reading, finish organising documents, and maybe start to pack.

Good luck and happy writing!