ROW80 Week 3: Average

Here’s my linky for this week.

I kept pretty close to my goals this week, neither running ahead nor falling behind. My 1,500 words took the form of research notes for a non-fiction project. I got slightly ahead by writing a sonnet, but then put up my reflection slightly later than I’d planned. So all that more or less evened out.

As to my other two goals (make progress on Conkers, and read a book a week): not behind yet, but I do need to focus on these a bit more. With three weeks past and nothing at all written towards Conkers, finishing the arc by the end of Round 2 is starting to look less than certain. I did at least look at it again this weekend, but that won’t mean anything if I don’t follow it up.

Accordingly, I’m setting an extra goal for this coming week: Write something towards Conkers, even if only something short.

Reading isn’t so much ‘behind’ as poorly balanced. I did finish a book — a whole book, this time! — on Saturday, but only because I made an effort to catch up on it after falling behind during the week. That isn’t the way I wanted my reading to work. The idea was to add reading to the list of things I normally do in the evening, not to make it a box to tick when I had the energy. I did get started on several other interesting books this week, though, so it may just be a matter of time.

As to what I actually read: it was The Traitor Queen, by Trudi Canavan. The thing I liked most in it was the way scenes were cut to create suspense. There are a few points where a scene ends with a problem of some kind, and by the time we catch up with characters again, they’ve somehow fixed it. The thing is, we don’t find out what the solution was until its consequences start to matter, which lets the suspense of the scene last (I assume) longer than it otherwise would.