The Observer

The six picked out by fate, and also I
Rode forth to make the final sacrifice.
From fair Cardell, to wicked Darralye,
And into demons' grasp, as was the price.

The fop of Darralye, and I his scribe
Left town at dawn, against a clear command.
We crossed a continent to find the tribe
Who knew the truth of what had reached his hand.

The matron of the tribe described to me
What must be done: her highest holy spell
Read out upon the shore of every sea —
The only way to save the six who fell.

The deed was done, and Darralye destroyed;
Its demon-folk and I, claimed by the void.

ROW80 Week 12: Other shiny things

Almost my last update for this round! (And almost my last linky.) What happens this week will decide whether I meet my goals or not. And it actually will be the deciding week, since I’m just shy of both goals:

I wrote three sonnets this week (around three or four hundred words), another scene in my main WIP (850 words), and a scene in the new WIP (600). Being away on the weekend wasn’t as much of a problem as I’d feared; I was also away from my usual distractions, and had plenty of new things to use for inspiration.

All that writing adds up to 1800 words or so. I did aim for 2200 words for this week, but then I did another 400 words while working on my reflection last week, which means I’m fully caught up from last week.

I’m also apparently closer than I thought to my whole-round goal. I must have been miscounting something, because when I checked today I got a count of over 17,000 words. That means I could still finish my eighteen thousand words this week if I get a good amount of writing done on Tuesday. For both this and the weekly quota, I need around 750 words.

Regardless of whether I manage that, I can claim at least one success this round. In the spirit of focussing on the positive, I need to remember my original goal was to write in my ongoing setting, and my new WIP is a step in that direction.

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