ROW80 Week 2: Buzzing

(Other ROW80 participants)

I’m in the middle of a week’s worth of travelling. I spent the last three days at family events, and work’s sending me to an industry conference for most of next week.

It’s possible this will disrupt my writing goals, but I’m hoping the travel time will be pretty conducive to writing.

Being away wasn’t too much of an issue this week; while Friday only got a half-finished sonnet, I did do some writing on six days out of seven.

It did slow down my trip preparations a bit, but I got one more booking done today, so that’s still on target.

Good luck and happy writing!

#ROW80 Round 3, Week 1

This is my first check-in for #ROW80 Round 3 (linky).

My writing goals, at least, I’ve achieved. I wrote 1,200 words on minor scenes for Conkers; while they weren’t exactly vital scenes, they have helped me get an idea of what I know about the characters, and what needs more investigation. I also wrote a sonnet, and made my first attempt at writing a concrete poem.

Reading hasn’t progressed so well. I managed about fifty pages on The French Revolution; OK, but not enough to finish it in the three weeks I have.

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