ROW880 Week 7: Repeat

(other participants)

This week has been a lot like the last: I got writing done five days out of seven, and didn’t finish reading anything.

While I didn’t write another short story this week, I did start a roleplaying-related project, and write an ending to a long poem I’ve been working on.
(Now I just need to get the beginning to work…)

For week 8, I’m trying out a new rule: any writing I do after 11 pm counts for the following day. That should help me turn my computer off a bit earlier, and get a bit more sleep/reading time.

Good luck and happy writing!

Knight of Songs

You made us champions, with words of gold:
The bold, the few, who faced the fallen horde.
Return from all despair, your songs foretold;
In every sacrifice, you saw reward.

You spoke, and we were what we had to be:
Meek supplicants in honest need of aid;
Young rogues in eager search of villainy;
A fighting force, whose terms would be obeyed.

In nothing foreign could you find surprise;
You knew the nature of our every foe,
Could read their loves and terrors in their eyes,
And, with their form and tongue, amongst them go.

Your grave shall bear no sword, for, at the end,
You laid it down to meet them as a friend.

ROW80 Week 5: Worrylets

(other ROW80 participants)

I’m not sure how much was editing, and how much just stress, but I built up a lot of little worries about my writing over the past month.

Due to those, and a generally busy week, I only ended up writing on four of my five days.

I did get one piece that could be a sub-1000-word story. The rest were exploratory; little additions to back-burner projects, and things that could turn into new stories.

All in all, it feels good to be writing again!

Good luck and happy writing!

ROW80 Week 4: Stepping Back

(other ROW80 participants)

I’ve decided to set my short story aside and work on something else, for several reasons:

Firstly, every change I make seems to reveal two more things that don’t work. This is probably a normal part of editing, but it’s starting to wear me out.

Secondly, I realised I built this story around a deus ex machina. I can think of ways to make it work, but they all involve throwing away changes I’m fairly attached to right now.

New goals

Editing even a 4000-word short story took a long time; for now, I’d like to work on some shorter things that I can finish more quickly.

To that end, my new writing goal is to write or draft one short (under 1000 words) in the next seven days. I’m also keeping the target of five or more writing days a week (as well as my reading goal).

Speaking of reading goals: I read Agatha Christie’s After the Funeral this week. As usual with Christie, I was very impressed by the way she handles all the relationships between characters.

Good luck and happy writing!

No Evil Act

It was a legend led me here to this:
A thousand emeralds in this jar are sealed.
One stone, a gem of ancient power is;
The rest will curse who first sees them revealed.

It still is closed. I'll leave it as it lay.

Behold! The world has learned my latest quest.
The bold and hopeful rush to bar my way,
And claim the power I had else possessed.

So close they come! But then they smash the jar.
I hear the gems spray out across the floor.
I grieve for those, my foes, who came so far
To find a curse. Now they shall move no more.

I close the door, and slowly turn away.
The Age of Absent Heroes starts today.

ROW80 Week 3: Work Expands

(Other ROW80 participants)

I thought I’d finished re-writing my short story last week.
While I was happy with the ending, earlier details had to change for it to work. Those, and fixing logical inconsistencies, made for most of my editing this week.

What’s left is mainly wording and typos, but I doubt I can sort it out in four days.

That means I won’t meet my goal of posting the story by Thursday, and I’m not quite sure what I should aim for instead. For the moment, I’ll keep editing.

I have asked a friend to beta read the story, so hopefully I’ll be able to get their opinion this week.

In any case, I’ll say how things turned out in my next check-in.

Good luck and happy writing!