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ROW80 Week 4: Circling

(Other ROW80 participants)

I was distracted this week.

It begun with reading Drowtales — a good webcomic, but unfortunately quite similar to my current story, to the point where I didn’t feel comfortable reading the one while writing the other.

Then there was roleplaying, which got me all inspired about a completely different project.

In the end, I wrote four days this week (out of a goal of five); but I’m in a good place to catch up this week.

Roleplaying has got me back into the right headspace for this story, and I’ve realised I have a quasi-deadline: on the 18th of August, my Mary-Sue project starts in earnest, so I’d better get this draft done before then.

Good luck and happy writing!


One response to “ROW80 Week 4: Circling”

  1. Jumping into the right headspace is always a challenge for me. Congrats on finding yours. Now… let the distractions slide away and get some words written. :-D

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