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Weekly Photo Challenge (The Sign Says) (Also a sonnet)

The Daily Post has a challenge about photos of signs for this week, so I decided to post a sonnet illustrated with a sign.

How much I hope I have an evil soul,
To tread the roads that demons' tales teach,
To sometimes tell a lie, or play a role;
To wander where my conscience will not preach.

Instead, I've laboured long to be a foe:
To scorn the law and friends mistreat was hard.
In darkness sunk, I vainly fear to grow
The loathing on the lips of every bard.

The snake refused to look me in the eye.
For me, all goblin armies ran in rout;
The buckets drawn from brimstone wells were dry.
ALL HOPE ABANDON even threw me out!

Someday I'll find a minion who'll obey;
Then they, and all the world, my price will pay.

"THIS IS NOT GOODBYE" while exiting sliding doors

It’s not really a very funny or interesting sign, but it does work nicely with an evil sonnet.


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